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It’s no secret that reading with children is important, but not everyone realises quite how many benefits this pastime has!

Nights are getting longer, leaves are falling from the trees; autumn is upon us and that means Halloween is just around the corner.

London is a fantastic place to visit! It is unique in its range of famous sights and attractions, its shops, its theatres and weird museums, its red busses and royal palaces, its music and rich culture, and its expansive parks and green spaces.

For some children, the transition from a crib to a bed can be a big one, and for those children there now exists a potentially wonderful solution: the toddler bed!

The tooth fairy can mean a huge amount of fun and creativity for your children, and for you too! Along with the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas, they can unlock a wonderfully magical part of life, and a world of imagination thereafter. But it can sometimes take a fair bit of fairy dust to keep those gappy grins in place. In this article, we’re going to talk about the tooth fairy and how to handle her, or his, being with kids of all ages!

A little while ago we wrote a guide for surviving long car journeys with kids. It struck us that one aspect of this article could benefit from a little more exploration: how to organise your car to make it more comfortable for the family to travel together both on long journeys and shorter ones. After all, your car is more than just a means of transport – it’s a place for the family to be together, to talk, to sing, to play, to sleep. It’s like an extra room on wheels!

When you’re a parent, you don’t need a scientist to tell you that sleep is important. Many of us feel the effects of a brief and broken slumber on a daily basis! But science is catching up, and recent research shows that a good night’s sleep is even more important for our children. In fact it can be transformative.

Toddlers like to move around, they get bored easily, they don’t always take instruction well and can be uncomfortable around strangers, so taking them on an aeroplane can be a nerve-wracking prospect! Well don’t panic, whether you’re on a short-haul to Spain or a round the world trip, this article will show you how you can survive the experience and may be even enjoy the adventure.

Whether you’re popping up the road to see your grandparents, are off to the seaside, or are off on holiday, and the kids are coming along for the ride, then you’ll need to be prepared. Fail to prepare, and you could be in for a thoroughly miserable time. That’s the end of the bad news, though. The good news is that with just a little bit of preparation and pre-planning, you can walk away from the experience entirely unscathed.

So, here’s how to prepare for a long car journey with kids of all ages…

Whilst the baby shower is a long-established tradition in the United States, it’s gaining traction this side of the pond; and it’s no surprise, really! A baby shower is the perfect way for prospective parents and their nearest and dearest to get together and celebrate the arrival of a new member of the clan.

Whether this is your first, or your fiftieth baby shower, we thought we would offer some tips and advice for picking the perfect baby shower gift, every time.

Crafts are a great way to develop your children’s creative and problem-solving skills. They’re great fun, and they might lead to more elaborate creative ventures further down the line. It’ll teach them how to manage their time and get a project over the line, and give them a sense of real accomplishment when they finally do.

In most households, one person usually ends up doing the majority of the cleaning. In some, the chore falls entirely on that one unfortunate person – they’re the specialist, whose work is, barring a few sporadic spells of cleanliness, taken for granted.

Kid’s parties can be a little bit stressful to arrange. But the bother is usually more than worth it once you see the sight of those little grinning faces when everything goes to plan! To succeed, you’ll need to tick a few boxes.

Getting children to read from an early age is a fantastic way to prepare them for the intellectual landscapes they’ll be navigating later in life. After all, reading is a skill that takes time to master. A good children’s book will provide exactly the required practice material – something that’ll engage your child from beginning to end, and keep them coming back for more.

One of the defining features of life in Great Britain is the presence of a good number of rainy days. For parents of small children, this can pose something of a challenge. Add to this the difficulty of prising children away from their screens even when the weather’s favourable, and the challenge becomes considerable. How are we to entertain our offspring when the weather outside is a bit on the dreary side?

While it might seem not so long ago that you were sunning yourself in the garden in the company of a bottle of wine and a barbequed chicken-skewer, we're now well into the time of year when you might just start to think about your Christmas shopping.