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While it might seem not so long ago that you were sunning yourself in the garden in the company of a bottle of wine and a barbequed chicken-skewer, we’re now well into the time of year when you might just start to think about your Christmas shopping.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide some inspiration for the little ones in your life… so, let us begin our kid’s Christmas gift guide 2017:

Christmas Presents for New-Borns

Baby’s first Christmas is always an exciting affair, but choosing what to get the smallest member of your circle can be tricky. When it comes to Christmas gifts; new-borns can never have too many clothes. Gap provide dainty little socks and one-piece sets that are certain to see plenty of mileage over the coming year. Alternatively, a sweeter-than- sugar Christmas jumper is sure to go down well and make the photographs from the festival season all the more adorable.

You might also consider presenting the parents with some essential consumables. This handy pack of skincare products is sure to be a godsend during those first few months, containing just about everything a baby’s skin could want in a single package.

Christmas Presents for Toddlers

Toddlers are just starting to get to grips with the world around them. They’re able to walk (or rather, toddle) and talk, and so anything that encourages such behaviour makes excellent gift material.

Toddlers aren’t quite old enough to saddle-up on a real bicycle, but there still exist toy replicas that’ll provide a taste of the real thing. Similarly, while they won’t be applying for a provisional licence in the near future, they’ll still be able to zoom around the garden in toy cars like this one.

Christmas Presents for One-Year- Olds

Most babies take their first steps at around the 9-12- month mark. One-year- olds are certain to appreciate anything that makes getting around a little more pleasurable – and as such, devices like this walker from Vetch are sure to go down well. Children this age grow at a frankly ludicrous rate, and so they’ll always be in want of new clothes – socks, vests, trousers, and dresses will always come in handy.

Remember to buy a size larger than you otherwise would, so they have space to grow in to them!

Christmas Presents for Two-Year- Olds

Playsets are ideal fare for two-year- olds. They’ll surely be intrigued by the complexities of an introductory wooden train-set. On the other hand, you might opt for something a little simpler and more cuddly – like this 35” penguin toy. Such a gift is sure to look the part in even the cosiest bedroom, but if you’re shopping for someone else’s child, then be sure to ask whether there’s room in the house for something enormous before proceeding.

Christmas Presents for Three-Year- Olds

Once a child has reached three, they’ll be able to indulge in still more complicated toys and other items. If they’ve shown an early passion for a creative hobby, then it makes perfect sense to encourage their efforts with a suitable toy. This drawing desk from Toys ‘R’ Us provides precisely the required setting in which to get pen to paper, and includes suitable storage spaces for paints and pens, thus reducing (if not eliminating) the likelihood that the living room floor will end up covered in discarded brushes and paints.

Christmas Presents for Kids

If you’ve got a budding bookworm on your hands, then books make the perfect gift for Christmas. Opt for a classic like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or something more contemporary like There’s a Tiger in the Garden. A heartfelt inscription on the inner cover is something that they’ll treasure for ever and perhaps even pass down to their children.

We should also consider books that are a little more – well – boring. Once children have reached the age of three, they’ll be just a few years from starting school. Give them a head start in brutally unforgiving subjects like maths with the help of super-basic books like this one from Carol Vorderman. The subject is brutally incremental – with theoretical physics being built on intuitive calculus, which is in turn built on intuitive algebra – all the way back to putting two and two together. Give them a chance to practice before they get going with the help of this.

Christmas Presents for Tweens

Contrary to what you might assume, ‘tweens’ aren’t twentysomethings; the term instead refers to that cloudy zone somewhere between adolescence and childhood. In other words, kids who’ve grown up a little, but not quite so much that they’re teenagers. As you might imagine, this vaguely-defined category is among the more difficult to shop for – as some seven-year- olds are more mature than some fourteen-year olds (and indeed, forty-year- olds). You’re therefore best-off opting for something functional. Gap provide a range of kid’s clothes that are suitable for both school and play – talk to the parents and ask what they really need.

Christmas Presents for Teens

When a child becomes a teenager, the chances are they’ll have developed highly-discerning tastes of their own. The things they know they like, they’ll be spending their own money on; the things they know they don’t like, they’ll be avoiding. Your job is to find those things that they don’t yet know they like. Obviously, there’s a potential for misstep, here, as we adults run the risk of buying something that’s achingly uncool.

For this reason, cinema vouchers are a great option. Teenagers are old enough to go to see a film without adult supervision – and it stands to reason that they’ll want to take advantage of this newfound freedom. You needn’t pick a film on their behalf – and just about everyone enjoys settling down in front of a high-quality movie!

In Conclusion

However young or old the person you’re shopping for might be, our partners are able to provide a gift that’ll fit the bill nicely. If you’re unsure of your purchase, there’s always the option of a Kid’s Choice gift card. You buy; they choose! What could be simpler?