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Kid’s parties can be a little bit stressful to arrange. But the bother is usually more than worth it once you see the sight of those little grinning faces when everything goes to plan! To succeed, you’ll need to tick a few boxes. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that everyone is properly fed and comfortable, but beyond that you’ll want to ensure that everyone is entertained. After all, you can’t just provide a posse of four-year- olds with an open bar and expect them to amuse themselves.

Kids Games to Play at Parties

Thankfully, the best party games for young children are great for both genders; kid’s games for boys and kid’s games for girls are largely the same. With that in mind, let’s run through a few of the classic kid’s games for parties, and see which’ll make the best fit for your shindig. These can be played both in and outside depending on weather and space.

Hot Potato

This is a game in which the eponymous ‘hot potato’ is passed from child to child until the music stops, at which point the participant left holding said object (usually a bean-bag) is eliminated. It’s suitable for small groups of children who are old enough to catch and throw without completely destroying your home.

Simon Says

This classic game is suitable for children old enough to understand and follow instructions. The rules should be familiar to anyone who’s seen ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ – but if you haven’t, here’s a primer: bark out a few commands, preceding all but a few of them with the words ‘Simon says’. If you don’t say ‘Simon says’, any child that carries out the instruction is eliminated; last one standing wins!

Musical Bumps

This game is suitable for children aged three and up – as they’ll need to be able to dance (or at least, move around). When the music stops, they’re to sit down as fast as possible – and the last person up is eliminated.

Pass the Parcel

This is a classic game for children aged two and upwards. Children love it, largely because they tend to get a prize at the end, usually in the form of something delicious. Wrap the prize in several layers of wrapping paper, and have the children pass it around in a circle until the music stops. When it does, the child left holding the parcel should remove a single layer. Wrap each layer in a different colour of paper to prevent overeager children from cutting the game short.

Kids Games to Play Outside

If the sun’s shining, then why not take advantage and move the fun outside, where there’s a great deal more room to stretch their legs (and tire them out before handing them back to their parents).

Treasure Hunt

Now, if it’s Easter time, then this activity is almost obligatory. It’s suitable for any child old enough to run around and look for things – but younger children will need to head around in groups, and be supervised in order that they don’t get lost on your allocated hunting- ground. Hide things sensibly – don’t perch treasure in out-of- reach places that might tempt children to risk life and limb for their prize.

Three-legged Race

Straight-up running races are all well and good – but they’re not terribly fun at parties. For one thing, the child that’s best at running will win and the one that’s worst will be embarrassed. You might as well have a competition to see who the tallest is! A three-legged race, on the other hand, is among the most entertaining kid’s games for birthday parties and other events. Split everyone into teams of two and tie their adjoining legs together. They’ll need co-ordination and teamwork to reach the finish line first – or indeed, at all. Be sure to match similarly-proportioned racers with one another, and offset the strengths of one with the weaknesses of another to ensure that the race is an even contest.

Obstacle Course

Another activity that’ll please older children is an obstacle course. Sets of hoops, monkey bars, ladders, balance beams and tunnels reliably please – and once you’ve completed one lap, you can get started on the next straight away. Try to incorporate over, under, and through obstacles to keep things interesting.

Capture the Flag

If you’ve got slightly older children, and a sizeable distance to cover, then a game of capture-the- flag is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. You’ll need at least four people to each team, along with a keen pair of eyes to see when they’ve tagged one another. Hide two flags at opposite ends of a large field. To win, a team must either eliminate the entire opposition by tagging them all, or by bringing the enemy flag back to their starting point. Players can be freed from the ‘jail’ area for the prematurely tagged by being tagged by their own players naturally, this is a game that requires a little bit of good sport on the part of those playing it – but do it right and you’ll create an afternoon to remember. if you don’t have a flag handy, then you can just as well use a piece of cloth or a scarf – just be sure that it’s brightly- coloured enough to be seen from a distance.

In Conclusion

A suitable game can make the difference between a fun, memorable party and a tedious one. With just a little preparation, any one of these games will make the right fit for your party!