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Blog > December 2018 > Fun Christmas traditions around the world
Chestnuts roasting, little boys drumming, bells ringing out; Christmas is a time for enjoying traditions.
The season is more than just than those few days. The whole of December is one long chain of traditions that you and your family can share. There’s peeling open the first advent door, the tweaking of tinsel and the fight for the right to place the angel or star at the top of the tree. Then there’s the cobbled together costumes and stuttered sentences of the school nativity, and the almost in tune chorus of the carol concert.
These moments, caught with your kids every year, define Christmas. The warmth and joy of sharing something so fun completely with your family, is just as strong with these events as it is on Christmas morning, when your house is a flurry of shredded wrapping paper and battered boxes.
Of course, there’s also the traditions that fall to you, and you alone. The endless search for the must-have new toys for Christmas, and the frantic rush round for the last minute Christmas gifts for that person you swore you wouldn’t see. The hours rustling away wrapping presents and the marathon of stuffing, roasting, peeling, boiling and basting that is Christmas dinner.
Maybe these ones are slightly-less fondly thought of, but if you tried Christmas without them, there’d be a mild feeling of absence. Things not as they should be.
Around the world, people have their own traditions. For a start, half the population would never dream of a white Christmas and barbeque their turkey and serve it outside instead.
Others will have built their own rituals, tied to their own myths or their countries history. Or, occasionally, they will have just adopted a novelty idea just for the fun of it (we’re looking at you, Caracas).
So here is our look at what Christmas traditions other countries enjoy.
Maybe there will be a couple that you’d like to absorb in to your own festive celebrations.