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If you’ve been invited to a baby shower, then it’s an unwritten rule that you’re expected to bring along a gift for the new arrival, mum, dad, or perhaps even the whole family! You might focus on just one of these people with a single gift, or you might choose a few items to present in a hamper. With that in mind, let’s consider what baby shower gift to buy…

Baby Shower Gifts for the Mum-to-Be

The mum-to-be has carried the little one for nine whole months, so picking up something for her will always go down well. A pre or post-natal massage, a mani-pedi, or perhaps a gorgeous bathrobe, is the perfect way to show her you know her.

Another gift that’s sure to be welcomed a professional, one-off clean of the entire house (though you may need to pitch in with other attendees to make this affordable). This is the perfect way to get their home ready for the new arrival without any added stress.

Baby Shower Gifts for the Dad-to-Be

Baby showers typically involve an enormous amount of doting over the new mother and her growing bump. Don’t forget about the dad-to-be, though. A hamper with a few of his favourite things (think beers, sweet treats, and maybe a game or two), will go down a treat!

For something more practical, a baby-carrier might come in useful, or perhaps cute matching t-shirts?

Baby Shower Gifts for the New Arrival

Of course, the most important person to attend the baby shower will be the baby – whether they’ve been born yet or not.

Clothes for the new baby are an excellent choice. You won’t need to worry too much about sizes, as they’ll quickly grow into whatever you pick. You’ll have some room to be cute here; pick a baby-grow bearing a humorous slogan, or go for just all out cute!

Other popular choices include cuddly toys – though there are only so many of these that one baby can really use.

Baby Shower Gifts for the Whole Family

There are a few gifts that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Baby shower gift cards are an obvious choice. They’ll save you the trouble of having to think of a suitable gift; they’ll give the recipient a say in where the money ultimately ends up; and they’ll eliminate the likelihood that your gift will end up forgotten in the back of some dusty cupboard, to be unearthed in a few decades time. If you’re wondering whether to present a baby shower gift or money, they’ll provide a nice compromise. What’s not to like?

On the other hand, you might go for something a bit more practical – a supply of nappies is sure to be put to good use, even if it won’t be treasured as a memento for years to come. Other essentials such as baby wipes, nail clipper sets, nappy bags are all practical but will be welcomed by the new parents with open arms.

How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

They say that when you’ve been waiting for a bus, seven will come at once! If you’ve found yourself attending umpteen hen and stag do’s, weddings, and baby showers this year then you might find that your finances are under pressure.

To avoid accusations of favouritism, it’s worth spending around the same amount on every baby-shower you attend. A survey by littlechickie.co.uk found that around two thirds of baby-shower attendees spend between £15 and £25 on their gift. This is probably an appropriate amount to spend; it’ll allow you to purchase a wide range of fantastic gifts, and you’ll thus have no excuse for picking a substandard one.
With that said, one shouldn’t feel obliged to spend a particular amount just because others are doing so. For some people £25 isn’t a lot of money; for others it is – especially if you’re attending two or three baby-showers in a month.

How to Wrap a Baby Shower Gift

What good is a present without the right presentation? Fail to wrap properly and you risk appearing haphazard, uncaring, and (dare we say it?) a little lazy. On the other hand, wrapping a present in a creative, exotic way is a fantastic way to add visual interest to your gift – so it’s worth considering even if you judge yourself an expert in how to wrap a baby shower gift!
A fabric ribbon provides a fantastic visual accent – and you can make these yourself with a sheet of loose fabric if you’d like to save yourself the expense of buying one. For the same reason, you might wrap the entire gift in fabric, and use a few prints to decorate. You could also make gift tags from fabric! The best part of this strategy is that you’ll be able to use the wrapping repeatedly.

Another strategy might be to use perfectly-black wrapping paper and write a personal message on with chalk – just be sure that you’ve rubbed away the excess, as you don’t want it smudging onto sofas, carpets, and clothes.

What about how to decorate a baby shower gift basket? Again, fabric makes a great visual accent – and a few flowers might do the job nicely, too. Thread a few dried ones around the edges and tie them into place with twine. Mother and baby are sure to adore it!