Blog > January 2018 > How to Make Cleaning More Fun (as a Family)
In most households, one person usually ends up doing the majority of the cleaning. In some, the chore falls entirely on that one unfortunate person – they’re the specialist, whose work is, barring a few sporadic spells of cleanliness, taken for granted.

If you’re reading this, then this might sound familiar! That’s why we’ve put together a few ways to entice the entire tribe into cleaning up after themselves (and, ideally, everyone under the roof). Let’s run through a few of them. Note that the techniques we’re going to run through here apply mostly to children, but grown-ups who need a little persuasion should be included, too.

Games to Make Cleaning Fun

Let’s consider how to make cleaning fun for tweens, toddlers and everyone in between. As Mary Poppins taught us, among the best ways to get an unpleasant task done more quickly is to turn it into a game. It’ll make the chore, if not fun, then slightly more bearable. Among our favourite spoonful’s of sugar are:

Beat the Music

Add a sense of urgency to your cleaning routine with a speed-cleaning round. This is among our favourite ways to make cleaning fun and easy. Put on a favourite song and challenge everyone in the room to get the place looking spick-and- span before the song finishes. A three-minute song is short enough to keep their attention, but also long enough for many hands to make light work of the clutter in your chosen room. This is one of our favourite ways to make cleaning fun for tweens and slightly older kids.

Hide the Coins

Another fantastic way to incentivise cleanliness is to hide a few coins around the room. This is basically a fancy form of bribery, but it’s an effective one if you can be sure that they’ll finish the job once the job is done. Alternatively, you might just present them with a reward when the task is done. Don’t stow them anywhere that might be hidden if the room were not tidy, otherwise you’ll just have them creating even more of a mess

Match the Colours

Tidying up kitchens, bedrooms and livings rooms can involve picking up a range of misplaced items. Describe the items you need and award points to the winner. Doing this by colour is usually the way forward – especially if you’re loading a load of white washing and need the white stuff first.


Tell your child to tidy a room and they might go about things a little differently to the way that you’d proceed. A little instruction might therefore be in order; provide a checklist and a bit of supervision, and get each stage done for each room in sequence. To make this a bit more of a game, reel off the checklists in a random order and provide small prizes for the fastest.

Don’t Make a Mess

For best results, you’ll want to get your children into the habit of not making a mess in the first place. We might therefore ‘gamify’ being generally tidy by handing out rewards for the tidiest bedroom. Get them competing – but try not to take it so far that they sabotage one another’s efforts.

Apps to Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning up is something that technology can help with. With the help of a simple smartphone and some easy-to- use software, you’ll be able to make the time simply fly by. Let’s take a look at some apps to make cleaning fun.

Home Routines

This app allows you to get your cleaning schedule locked into a neat grid, and it’ll provide you with reminders whenever it’s time to break out the vacuum cleaner. It’ll allow you to get your house in order, as well as providing your overall productivity with a much-needed boost.

iReward Chart

iReward Chart is a simple digital version of the classic reward chart. It’ll allow you to keep track of who’s done what, and to hand out rewards accordingly. It’ll do so without taking up space on the front of your fridge, too.

Epic Win

Epic Win is an RPG-inspired app that promises to ‘level up your life’. It’s marketed as a general productivity booster (and you might find yourself using it as such), but it’s also great for encouraging children to get involved with housework. Even better than money, they’ll be rewarded with experience points. Though it’s a little long in the tooth nowadays, it remains a winning formula that’ll turn even the dullest chore into an adventure. It’ll make cleaning fun for adults, too. Speaking of which…

How to Make Cleaning Fun for Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who find cleaning a bit boring. Adults also regularly find themselves vegetating on the sofa when there’s a pile of washing-up that needs doing. Clearly, a little persuasion might also benefit a home’s older residents.


Among the best ways to approach household chores is to view them as a meditation exercise. Put on your favourite podcast or piece of music, and just allow your mind to focus on the task in hand. If you’re spending time agonising over a particular problem at work, then household chores might provide the space for your brain to unwind a little.

Word Games

Conversation is another way to pass the time when you’re cleaning – which is why it can be so irritating when one’s significant other decides not to get involved at all. If this is you, then try to get involved by challenging your partner’s intellect when you’re going about the task. The internet is awash with riddles and there are crosswords published daily – so get them done as you do your chores.


Children aren’t the only ones susceptible to bribery. Declare before the day’s cleaning exploits that you’ll indulge in a slice of cheesecake (or whatever your preferred treat might be) before you get started. For some reason, the job seems to go by a great deal quicker whenever this tactic is adopted!

In Conclusion

If you’ve got a houseful of lazy slobs who simply refuse to involve themselves in the cleaning, then don’t delay – the longer you wait before putting your foot down, the more ingrained those habits will become. With the help of the games and apps we’ve touched upon here, you’ll be able to tackle the problem with aplomb, and make cleaning fun for adults and children alike!