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Crafts are a great way to develop your children’s creative and problem-solving skills. They’re great fun, and they might lead to more elaborate creative ventures further down the line. It’ll teach them how to manage their time and get a project over the line, and give them a sense of real accomplishment when they finally do. The whole business is so rewarding that they’ll probably want to get started on the next enterprise almost immediately!

With that said, crafts for kids come in a variety of different sorts. You’ll want to pick something that appeals to your child’s imagination – and that means running through a smattering of quick-fire projects so that they can get a taste of everything the wonderful world of crafts has to offer. Making your chosen craft seasonal is a great way to get them involved. Now that we’ve established why crafts are important, let’s take a look at some of the internet’s best!

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Reindeer from Blue Bear Wood
Looking for a cheap and easy Christmas craft to do with the kids that won’t result in your home being covered in glue, paint, or glitter? Well, this is the one for you. This pipe cleaner reindeer tutorial by Blue Bear Wood is one of the cutest, and simplest, Christmas crafts for children that we’ve had the pleasure to uncover. All you need is some brown pipe cleaner, a few red beads (otherwise how will you know which one is Rudolph?) and some thread and you’re ready to start making these adorable reindeer decorations.

Snowflake from Barkley Interactive
This is amongst the most tried-and- true crafts for toddlers, but it’s explained here in a thoroughly modern way. By making virtual incisions in the sides of your virtual folded paper, you’ll be able to create and preview a beautiful paper snowflake before making it in the real world. You’ll even be able to view the instructions for a vast range of snowflakes that other people from around the world have come up with. If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend quite a lot of time on the application!

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Paper Spider from Red Ted Art
This adorable little paper spider is sure to please any child during the spookiest time of year. All you’ll need is a little bit of black paper, a little bit of white paper, some string, some glue, scissors and a little bit of patience. All things that every aspiring craftsperson should have lying around in their kit!

Glow-in- the-dark slime from a Pumpkin and a Princess
For fans of all things disgusting-looking (a group which will surely include most children), there’s this putrid slime from a Pumpkin and a Princess. Made using simple glue, some water and some glowing paint, it’ll disturb and appal all who clap eyes on it. Just be sure that no-one eats the stuff, as it’s obviously enormously toxic. Best wait until they’re a certain age, then!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Colourful bath salts from Activity Village
This one is a little straightforward – simply apply a little bit of food colouring to some oil, and soak a set of bath salts in the resulting mixture. Then pour the results into a jar. For especially interesting results, you might try to layer different colours atop one another forthat stripy, sediment-inspired look.

Picture Flower from Made With Happy
This offering from Made with Happy requires a little more effort – but in the end, the results are certainly worth it. You’ll need a few of the usual suspects: straws, scissors, glue and coloured paper all feature. What makes this craft a bit special is the inclusion of a picture of the child who’s making it. It’s a memento that all mothers will surely treasure and among our favourite crafts for girls.

Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Apron from Handmade in the Heartland
This is a gift that aspiring outdoor chefs will treasure for years. It requires just a little bit of sewing and a vinyl stencil, and so you’ll need to pitch in with the technical stuff if the child is particularly young. If you lack the required resources, you’ll find shops willing to print on vinyl up and down the country – so give this craft a go and make dad happy!

DIY Bottle opener from Shanty2Chic
This is an incredibly useful and practical craft for dads who like their beer in tiny bottles rather than oversized cans. But it’s one that requires the use of power tools, and so you’ll want help from an older friend or relative to do it safely. With that said, the results are morethan worth the effort – and they’ll ensure that you don’t spend your time picking up bottle caps discarded around the living room. This is one of the best crafts for teens!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Heart Stamps from Rust & Sunshine
This one returns to slightly more rustic territory. It’s a great way to introduce your child to the symbols of Valentine’s Day – while teaching them the basic concepts of shapes and imprints at the same time. Rather than the traditional potato-based approach, this method uses cardboard tubes, bent into the shape of an elongated heart. What could be simpler? It’s perfect for really small children, as it doesn’t require any special expertise or tools – and it’ll give them an excuse to get their hands messy.

Snowglobe from Dandee Designs
While we might associate these tiny, beautiful contraptions with the festive season (and Orson Welles), they’re a great inspiration for creating low-budget valentine’s crafts, too. All you’ll need is some suitable pipe cleaner, some glycerine, some glitter, and a few other choice items. The instructions recommend using a hot glue gun, and while you might consider opting for something a little less severe, we think it’s worth it if it means avoiding a situation where the sticky, slimy contents begin to leak out a little further down the line.

In Conclusion

Crafts and children are a match made in heaven. If you’ve got time to spare with a small person in your life, then be sure to consider some of the weird and wonderful contraptions we’ve discussed here!